Od obrazów (audiowizualnych) do postobrazów (hybrydycznych). Perspektywa teoretyczna

Piotr Zawojski


The postmedia era forces us to rethink the status of a new generation of images and new postdigital imaging. Referring, inter alia, to the proposals of Ingrid Hoelzl and Rémi Marie, the article sketches a proposal for a theoretical approach to postimages as hybrid visual representations that arise as a result of the application of algorithmic procedures during their production. Postimages can be treated as a manifestation of a new paradigm of image culture in postantropocentric times, in which nonrepresentationalist approaches to digital image theory point to its ontogenetic methods of producing by "digital machines of vision." Postimages become important reference points for the formation of a posthumanist order in which the symbiosis of man and machine becomes the foundation for the creation of a new pictorial paradigm based on algorithmic procedures that follows the photographic paradigm

Słowa kluczowe: image, softimage, postimage, hybrids, new media

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