Feral urban wild boars. Managing spaces of conflict with care and attention

Agata Kowalewska


The article provides an insight into the status of urban wild boars and their relationship with human neighbours, focusing on the spaces of conflict. The population of wild boars in Gdynia, Poland serves as the point of departure for the study, which employs interviews with the local community, observations and discourse analysis of the local news portals. The article uses Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s concept of ferality as the framework for looking at the transformations undergone by the wild boars in the process of becoming city dwellers and considers Donna Haraway’s making kin as the possibility of multispecies “getting on well”. Demonstrating the impossibility of simple solutions, the text further looks at the problematic notion of management, to propose a rethinking of the concept through care and attention as a possible path to conviviality.


Słowa kluczowe: wild boars, feral, urban boars, feral urban boars, nonhuman citizens

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