Rekonstrukcja pierwotnego przesłania – rzecz o żydowskich przekładach Nowego Testamentu

Piotr Blumczyński


Restoring the original meaning: Jewish translations of the New

Among dozens of new translations of the New Testament published in the last fifty
years, there are several versions by Jewish scholars which have not yet received
enough attention. The article offers an analysis of the most characteristic features of
these translations, such as criticism of the existing versions expressed in introductory
sections, as well as actual techniques by means of which the Jewish origin and
character of the text is emphasized in three spheres: superficial, cultural and rel igious,
and theological, each of them illustrated with examples juxtaposed with
traditional versions. It is argued that regardless of the ideological motivation underlying
the origin of the Jewish translations of the New Testament, they offer valuable
and otherwise unavailable insights into the original message of the ancient
Christian writings.

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