Miłość do trzech pomarańczy Roberta Stillera: O niedokończonym projekcie translatorskim i fragmencie Sprężynowej pomarańczy (wersji N)

Katarzyna Szymańska


This article aims to revisit the story of Robert Stiller’s triple translation of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange in Polish; a project that this prolific and controversial translator never finished despite an attempt to return to it on the eve of his recent death. Firstly, the article retraces the origins of Stiller’s Russianised Mechaniczna pomarańcza (1989/1999; A Mechanical Orange: version R) and Americanised Nakręcana pomarańcza (1999; A Wind-Up Orange: version A) with respect to a wider corpus of sources (the translator’s 1974 pamphlet, foreword to the 1991 version, newspaper interviews, etc.) and suggests a more literary and in‑depth comparative approach to his elaborate translation project. Secondly, and more importantly, the article also serves as a modest introduction to the henceforth unpublished fragment of Stiller’s third Germanised Sprężynowa pomarancza (A Spring-Assisted Orange: version N) which follows as an attachment. In retracing the Russianised, Americanised, and Germanised language landscapes and bringing to the fore respective post-dependent interpretations, this text opens up Stiller’s experiment to a critical and polyphonic discussion about the original, its triple rendering, and its politically pluralistic implications for post-1989 Poland.

Słowa kluczowe: Słowa klucze: Robert Stiller, Anthony Burgess, Mechaniczna pomarańcza, nadsat, postzależność.

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