A co, jeśli przeszłość powróci? Tłumaczenie dawnych tekstów dla teatru jako performowanie resztek

Ewa Bal


What If the Past Returns? Translating Older Theatre Texts and Performing Remains

The article is an attempt to transfer to the field of translation studies selected theories of performance and performative strategies of establishing relations with the past. The author undertakes to define the act of translation of old theatre texts, which constitute a fragmentary trace of the Italian dell'arte theatre practice (forgotten yet paradoxically still reconstructed according to particular rules), as “performing remains”. The term is borrowed from Rebecca Schneider, an American performance scholar, who introduced it into contemporary humanities in her book Performing Remains: Art and War in Time of Theatrical Reenactment (Schneider 2011) to describe theatrical reconstructions of historical events and artistic reconstructions of past performances. The tensions between material and non-material traces of the past, and the possibilities of their contemporary transformations in performative actions, as described by Schneider, in this paper constitute a point of departure for treating the act of translation as an epistemological tool for constructing knowledge about the past and for performatively making the past present.

Słowa kluczowe: performing remains, situated knowledges, translation, performance, ephemerality

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