Autobiografía y yo corporal en la ensayística de Salvador Elizondo. Una lectura desde Jean Starobinski

Amán Rosales Rodríguez


Autobiography and corporal self in the essays of Salvador Elizondo. A reading in base of Jean Starobinski

The purpose of this article is to comment on some specific aspects of the literary essay in base of texts by two contemporary authors: the Swiss Jean Starobinski (1920-2019) and the Mexican Salvador Elizondo (1932-2006). What these two writers have in common is a certain conception of the essay modelled after the example of Montaigne: the essay is viewed as the place in which the concrete, corporeal, individual is, so to speak, shown and exposed. It is argued that the essayistic voice emerging from the writings of Starobinski and Elizondo is a reflective voice that expresses most concrete experiences in human life.

Słowa kluczowe: essay, literary criticism, Jean Starobinski, Salvador Elizondo, Michel de Montaigne

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