Sous les vents nocturnes… Les échos apollinariens dans l’œuvre de Robert Desnos

Małgorzata Kuta


Echoes of the work of Guillaume Apollinaire in the works of Robert Desnos

The article is an attempt to show the links between Guillaume Apollinaire and Robert Desnos (1900-1945), a French poet closely associated with surrealism. They were both avid readers, lovers of mass literature, cinema and avant-garde art. They are also closely related by the themes of their works dominated by the riot of everyday life, poetry of the modern city, popular imagination, war, love, eroticism, as well as sexual perversions. Apollinaire's name often appears in early Desnos poems. He also appears as a literary character in the collection of "automatic" texts Pénalités de l’enfer ou Nouvelles Hébrides. His presence in Desnos's work is also manifested in a veiled manner, through a borrowed poem title or numerous allusions and references to his works.

Słowa kluczowe: Robert Desnos, surrealism, Guillaume Apollinaire, convergences, connections

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