Studies in Polish Linguistics,Volume 8, Issue 2

Redaktor naczelny : Ewa Willim
Sekretarz redakcji: Mateusz Urban
Rok wydania: 2013

Studies in Polish Linguistics (SPL) focuses on linguistic theory as well as theory-informed descriptive work, especially empirically oriented studies of Polish and Slavic languages. Appearing since 2004, it is now published by the Faculty of arts of the Jagiellonian University and the Jagiellonian University Press.

The main aim of the journal is to provide a discussion forum for linguists from Poland and abroad whose research interests include multifarious phenomena of the Polish language. The journal also aims at making accessible to a wider linguistic research community the theoretical and empirical work conducted by Polish linguists. SPL is open for presentation of research results achieved within different theoretical frameworks, with no bias towards any particular linguistic paradigm



Complex verbo-nominal predicates in the light of prototype approaches to categorization

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Volume 8, Issue 2, s. 57–74
Data publikacji online: 19 grudnia 2013
DOI 10.4467/23005920SPL.13.004.1419

In search of causative structures in the root-based morphology: the case of Polish roz-/roze- causatives

Studies in Polish Linguistics, Volume 8, Issue 2, s. 75–102
Data publikacji online: 19 grudnia 2013
DOI 10.4467/23005920SPL.13.005.1420

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