A Reduction of Finitely Expandable Deep Pushdown Automata

Lucie Dvořáková,

Alexander Meduna


For a positive integer n, n-expandable deep pushdown automata always contain no more than n occurrences of non-input symbols in their pushdowns during any computation. As its main result, the present paper demonstrates that these automata are as powerful as the same automata with only two non-input pushdown symbols - $ and #, where # always appears solely as the pushdown bottom. The paper demonstrates an infinite hierarchy of language families that follows from this main result. The paper also points out that if # is the only non-input symbol in these automata, then they characterize the family of regular languages. In its conclusion, the paper suggests open problems and topics for the future investigation.

Słowa kluczowe: Finite Expandability, Reduction, Non- Input Pushdown Symbols, Deep Pushown Automata

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