Obraz Habsburgów w Dziejach narodu polskiego Teodora Morawskiego

Barbara Klassa


The Image of the Habsburg dynasty in the History of the Polish Nation by Theodore Morawski


Theodore Morawski (1797–1879) was a renown Polish diplomat, minister of Foreign Affairs during the November Uprising, afterwards in exile a prominent member of so -called Hotel Lambert, a political faction led by prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski. Moreover, Morawski was a distinguished historian, author of a detailed History of the Polish Nation. The paper examines the impact of personaldiplomatic experience of the author on the content of abovementioned work, focusing on the image of the Habsburg dynasty. The main question discussed here is thus how and to what extent the political circumstances, including both the Galician slaughter of 1846 and the autonomy granted to the Polish subjects of the Austrian empire in 1860s, affected the way of constructing the historical narrative.  

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