Ład spełniony w obrazie. Wokół antropologii fotografii

Piotr Koprowski


Order fulfilled in the insult. Around the anthropology of the photograph


The present text is an attempt to look at the phenomenon of the photograph through the prism of anthropology. Every man, irrespective of factors forming him: cultural, social, religious, is aspiring consciously or subconsciously to the determined order, within which he will be able to oneself a lot, very more well to carry out and to feel more comfortably. Longer lasting, intensifying disarray, appears as insanitary for the mind. A photograph, on which the human face receives determined depth and a metaphorical nature are bringing semblance of the order. If this face belongs to the person which is co -inhabiting real world with us, it is worthwhile looking at her packaging in categories of the empathy, of participation in being to the death. Necessary in this context also recognizing the extraordinary carrying capacity appears to the emotional photograph. The one last, being retaking world, is in the state of it – at least to a certain extent – to do more cohesive and marked with the poetic mood.   

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