Kody dominujące w memach internetowych dotyczących historii Polski

Anna Borkiewicz


The dominant codes in Internet memes concerning the history of Poland


In this paper the author tries to identify dominant cultural codes existing in Polish history related Internet memes, both Polish -language and English -language ones. The article starts by explaining what cultural codes and meta codes are and how can they be applied to analyzing Internet memes. Next, the author states memes selection criteria (all come from main pages of vanity sites like 9gag.com or kwejk.pl) and arguments this choice. Following, the author discusses the concept of “meme” itself and defines what “Internet meme” is. The main parts of the article are analyzes of two main cultural codes existing in Polish history related Internet memes. The first, dominant in Polish - anguage memes is belief of victorious Poland: memes concentrate on Polish military victories through ages. While English-language ones show pitiful side of Poland: Polish fails and vices (vide Polandball series). The article ends by confronting both of codes and seeking for causes of this dichotomy. Among the author’s conclusions are cultural differences between Polish and English- - anguage Internet users and different approach to Polish history.  

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