Janowa ekspozycja dyskursu o chlebie (J 6,25–58/59)

Bogusław Górka


The Exposition of Discourse on Bread in the Gospel of John (6,25–58/59)

The whole of the sixth chapter of the Gospel According to John is permeated by the motif of food. This is dominated especially by discourse on bread (John 6,25–58/59). Scholars generally opt for a Christological or Eucharistic interpretation of this discourse. A new light is thrown on this in a way eternal dilemma by this article, with an interpretation using a formula of initiation.
According to this interpretation bread is interpreted in the whole of the sixth chapter in a way conditioned by the gradual exposition of the titles of Jesus. Jesus as a teacher gives the bread of learning, as a prophet miraculously multiplies the „bread of symbols” (loaves of bread and fish), as the Messiah he is the true bread, as the Son of God he gives his body and blood as food. The Eucharist, then, is shown as the last type of bread. It is given to the inductees to eat at the end of the process of initiation in the Person of Jesus.
In terms of the specifics of the discourse on bread itself, John maintains it essentially on a messianic level, anticipating this way and that, as it were, the stage of initiation of the Son, and then returning to the pre-messianic stage. In the middle of the reference to the anticipation and retrospection we find Jesus as the Messiah, who is the food of the Christian (the catechumen)

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