Opisy doświadczeń ekstatycznych w tekstach Ojców pustyni

Marta Höffner


Experiences of Visions and Ecstasy in the Writings of the Desert Fathers

In this article the author, based on selected early-monastic texts (apophtegmata, biographies of monks and historical/travel reports), analyses issues of visions and ecstasy at the beginning of early Christian monasticism. The main problem tackled in the text is the approach of monks to the phenomenon of ecstasy and visions. This issue is inseparably linked with the socio-geographical context of the lives of the first monks, who mostly lived in the desert. Ecstasy is something which goes beyond the established order of affairs, and the visions sent by Satan to the monks are tests, the next stages on the way to the transformation of the human being, but also stigmata of holiness.

Słowa kluczowe: Ancient monasticism, ecstatic experience, visions, apophthegmata

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