„Tradycyjni” czy „nowocześni”? O metodologicznych dylematach współczesnych badaczy staropolszczyzny. Część druga: queer theory oraz gay and lesbian studies

Piotr Oczko,

Tomasz Nastulczyk


“Traditional” or “Modern”? Methodological Dilemmas of the Contemporary Researchers of Old Polish Literature. Part Two: Queer Theory and Gay and Lesbian Studies

The second part of the paper deals with the problems of the history of homosexuality and other non-normative sexualities in the framework of the Old Polish writings. It has been based on the practical experience and dilemmas of the authors who have recently published a book Homoseksualność staropolska. Przyczynek do badań (Old Polish Homosexuality. A Contribution, 2012). Numerous controversies, such as the application of queer theory versus gay and lesbian studies approach, have been discussed taking into consideration their methodological usefulness with regard to the historical Old Polish texts. Preference has been given to traditional gay and lesbian studies, not queer criticism, as the later may lead to numerous misunderstandings and misinterpretations owing to the indefinite, secondary, doubtful and oppressive character of most available original texts in question, which has been fully exemplified.

Słowa kluczowe: modern literary theories, Old Polish literature, LGBT studies, queer theory

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