Rewanż pamięci. O książce Arkadiusza Morawca „Literatura polska wobec ludobóstwa”

Andrzej Juchniewicz


Revenge of memory. On the book by Arkadiusz Morawiec Literatura polska wobec ludobójstwa (Polish literature and genocide)

The article is a review of Arkadiusz Morawiec's book Literatura polska wobec ludobójstwa, which is the first Polish literary publication dealing with genocide preceding the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing after World War II. The author appreciates Morawiec’s erudition and ethical sensitivity with which he revises the existing theses about the uniqueness of the Holocaust. The book is cross-disciplinary: studies in the field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies are accompanied by analyses from the borderline of poetics and sociology of literature. Thanks to this, the reader learns not only the historical realities of the described conflicts, but also the mechanisms of collective memory, which is shaped both by institutional activities (museums) and the reception of testimonies of survivors.

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