„Urojone oczy w modre nic rozwarła”. O kreacjach kobiet jako nicości istniejącej w poezji Bolesława Leśmiana

Lidia Kamińska


‘She opened her imaginary eyes into blue nothingness’. On presentations of women as existing nothingness in Bolesław Leśmian’s poetry

The category of nothingness often appears in the poetry of Bolesław Leśmian. Literary presentations of nothingness which has a shape of a woman are an original feature of Leśmian’s poetic imagination. This article contains an analysis of ontology of women who can be described as ‘existing nothingness’. Presentations like that are not homogenous. There are some differences: opposite directions of the will, the intensity of nothingness or perspective from which these characters are shown. Woman-nothingness can be connected with a lyrical situation or be an element of description. In poems of Leśmian there are also male characters who become nothingness after contact with women. Presentations of women as ‘existing nothingness’ and their destructive impact on men is connected with the misogynist attitude.

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