Fenomen wiodącej pozycji Google w branży wyszukiwania w ujęciu historycznym. Pośrednie czynniki sukcesu

Sabina Baraniewicz


The Phenomenon of the Google’s Leading Position on the Search Market in a Historical Approach. Indirect Success Factors

Google, once a student project, now a real empire of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) industry. Its power Google has built on the commercialization of information and the access to it. Its trailblazing project – the search engine, has ensured it nearly monopolistic position on the search market. Google its success on this marketplace does not owe only to the creation of the very useful and functional information search tool; the influence on it has had many more indirect factors, which has foredoomed the fiasco of other offering the same product competitory corporations.

Słowa kluczowe: Google, information, search engine, Internet, indirect success factors

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