Nekromarketingowe strategie pozycjonowania produktów informacyjnych w serwisach internetowych

Marcin Laberschek


Necromarketing Strategies of Positioning Information Products – The Example of Polish Online Information Servics

Through the selection of human death incidents and the appropriate title design, Internet portals make information available to readers in a unique way. This article presents how the most popular Polish online information services (,, and, using necromarketing practices for positioning information products. Research provided in this paper shows that the most intensified activities in necromarketing scope are conducted by It concerns both the intensity of sharing such headlines on the home page and the most expressive composition of them. The activities of this portal Author called as the strategy of necromarketing offensive. The other three websites implement a strategy of necromarketing mimeticism – similar to the competition for the presentation of death related topics.

Słowa kluczowe: necromarketing, information, information products, information services, information online

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