Event marketing – lokalna sztuka „uwodzenia” na przykładzie „Dziennika Zachodniego”

Magdalena Różycka,

Anna Jawor-Lachowicz


Event Marketing – The Local Art of ‘Seduction’ Based on the Example of Dziennik Zachodni

The evolution of marketing managing in companies has led to the increase of brand’s significance and its position on the market, where it competes for customer’s purchase funds. Nowadays, as for marketing communication, companies are forced to look for some innovative tools which can be used to promote their own brand. Good brands are considered to be one of the companies’ most lasting resources. Modern marketing uses a wide variety of communication tools. What has become to be more appreciated over time is event marketing, which creates an opportunity of direct contact between the customer and the brand, of experiencing it in action, and engaging the customer in its world. It constitutes the alternative to the classical communication techniques, which are not effective anymore. The aim of this publication is to demonstrate that marketing actions of this nature, conducted on the local media level, can easily become a very efficient tool of marketing communication. To prove the thesis in question, an example of local media events, realised in Silesia by Dziennik Zachodni, has been used.

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