Crowdfunding jako innowacyjna metoda finansowania projektów przez społeczeństwo na przykładzie branży FinTech

Dominika Kaczan


Crowdfunding as an Innovative Way of Financing Projects by Society Based on the Fintech Industry

Lately, crowdfunding has emerged as an alternative source of raising needed money for different types of projects. Th is paper provides an overview of crowdfunding topic. It characterizes the main concept, shows its types as well as describes the benefi ts and risks that comes with raising money with the help of the people and Internet. Th e aim of the article is to show how crowdfunding can contribute to the growth of innovation in the country, especially based on the FinTech industry. The paper outlines the size of transactions value in the crowdfunding market and predicts reasonable growth for the next 5 years.

Słowa kluczowe: crowdfunding, regulations, FinTech, innovations, funds

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