Budowanie tożsamości organizacyjnej – studium przypadku dziennika „Rzeczpospolita”

Aneta Milczarczyk


Building an Organisational Identity -A Case Study of the Rzeczpospolita Daily Newspaper

Rzeczpospolita is a daily newspaper that went through a diffi cult time to regain its freedom and independence. Established as an independent newspaper in 1920, it was closed in the early 1930s, and later in the last months of the war it was reactivated by a communist activist. At the beginning of the 1950s it ceased to appear again, and it was re-established in 1980 and operated under the auspices of the communist authorities. Rzeczpospolita started its journey towards regaining its freedom together with Poland at the end of the 1980s. Freedom is inseparable from the identity that distinguishes the social group and claims its existence. Th is article – an ethnographic case study of the   Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper – presents the identity of the organisation and its construction researched in 2001. Th e period of changes in Rzeczpospolita and the creation of a new identity was a key time for the future of the newspaper. Th e identity from 2001 proves that despite the absence of the leadership of Dariusz Fikus, who had carried out  the transformation in the newspaper (he died in 1996), his work was continued, and the newspaper consistently followed the path appointed by him and his team. Th e current activity of the newspaper, its identity, image and reputation are the aft ermath of activities undertaken by Dariusz Fikus and his people. Th is article presents their extraordinary faith as well as diffi cult and devoted work that resulted in great changes.

Słowa kluczowe: Rzeczpospolita newspaper, organisational identity, organisational identity building, ethnographic case study

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