Addytywność dziecięcych formatów rozrywkowych

1. Łukasz Flak


Additivity of children’s entertainment formats

The article points to the dual nature of additivity in children's entertainment formats taking the form of active and passive in the process of creating, shaping and consumming of content. The study concerns underage show participants and people influencing their decisions and fate in the program show production staff, family, as well as indirectly viewers. The starting point was reflection on the extent to which additivity in this type of show is manifested and what consequences it brings participation of children in entertainment formats, where they are subject to competition on an equal footing with adults? To conduct a thorough analysis of the phenomenon, several research methods were used: audio-visual analysis, case study with in-depth interviews and participatory observation. The study highlights the treatment of minors in product categories, in media organizations, specifically in children's entertainment formats.

Słowa kluczowe: Addytywność, dzieci w mediach, etyka, dziecięce formaty rozrywkowe, adolescencja nieletnich, Additivity, children in the media, ethics, children's entertainment formats, minor adolescence

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