Rola wartości w funkcjonowaniu społeczności marek.  Studium przypadku marki IKEA i społeczności IKEAhackers

Agata Mardosz-Grabowska


The role of values in brand communities. Case study of IKEA and IKEAhackers community.

Linking values of brand communities are the subject of the analysis. Various types of consumption communities are not a new phenomenon, however, the development of communication technologies in recent two decades has significantly impacted on the number and character of such groups. Relationship between brands and brand communities has become interesting research field due to growing importance of such groups in consumers’ lives as well as their marketing potential.  Recent studies highlight the role of values in emerging and functioning of brand communities. The purpose of this case study analysis is to examine the relationship between strategic brand values and linking values of brand community on the example of IKEA and IKEAhackers community. This case confirms earlier hypotheses that brand communities are autonomous, and brand strategic values ​​are neither automatically nor uncritically accepted by the community as linking values of the community. Such groups may accept the values ​​proposed by the brand managers, however, they may also reinterpret them, reject, recognize as irrelevant or consider different values as linking values of brand community.

Słowa kluczowe: brand community, consumption community, marketplace community, consumer tribes, brand strategy, brand values, linking value

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