Przemiany modelu handlu formatami telewizyjnymi w wymiarze kulturowym i ekonomicznym

Monika Wawer


Changes in the model of trade in television formats in the cultural and economic dimension

In response to the changing television market, media organizations create strategic solutions to affect the format trading system that has been stable so far. For two decades, a model of format trade has allowed finding balance in the conceptual frame set by the opposition: adaptation versus creation, broadcasters versus production companies, global versus local conditions, business and cultural values

The purpose of the article is to preliminarily describe how these strategic and operational activities undertaken by global organisations disturb this balance. Taking control of format production by subsidiaries of foreign capital, new distribution channels may result in a smaller share of broadcasters in creation, universalization of formats lacking local accents, weakening the brand of entities identified on local markets.

Słowa kluczowe: global format, television company, television production, brand, globalization, glocalization

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