Postawy lekarzy wobec aktywności w mediach społecznościowych

Ewelina Szycman,

Monika Boguszewicz-Kreft


Attitudes of medical doctorstowards social media activity

The research aims to identify the level and the character of the participation of medical doctors and their perception of advantages and disadvantages of their activity in social media from the perspective of the process of building positive professional image. The method of subject literature review and the results of an online surveys conducted among 81 medical doctors have been applied in the article. Virtually all the survey participants (98,8%) admitted having a profile in social media with Facebook being the most popular one (83.3% of profiles). Only a small proportion of the respondents declare the professional character of their activity in social media, mostly taking place on LinkedIn (15.0%). The doctors considered restrictions on privacy (61.7%) and subjecting private life to assessments (53.1%) as the biggest disadvantage of the presence in social media. The advantages included the promotion of medical knowledge and preventive medicine (81.5%) and the possibility of creating positive professional image among prospective patients and in the medical society environment (77.8%) with 85.7% of respondents considering Facebook as the best medium to achieve the above.

Słowa kluczowe: social media, communication, medical doctors

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