Dzieci i młodzież szkolna wobec agresji i przemocy słownej w Internecie.

Jan Kania


Threats to school children by hate speech on the internet

The internet is a natural environment for school children. Some of the messages through it are aggression and verbal violence. The aim of the article is to show the phenomenon of aggression and verbal violence on the Internet towards school children and adolescents. The subject of the research contained in the article are school children and adolescents as recipients and victims of hate speech on the Internet. Research problems are questions about the level of online threats to schoolchildren , how the Polish education system prevents this and how it protects children from these threats. In search of answers to these questions, the author used published research data, showing the activity of children on the Internet, He also reviewed the basics of teaching in terms of preparing students to avoid hate speech on the internet.
The basic research methods are document examination and method of analysis and logical construction.
The research shows two key conclusions as answers to research problems. First of all, the level of threat to school children and youth by aggression and verbal violence is significant, because every third teenager was a victim of violence or verbal aggression on the Internet. Secondly, the Polish education system did not protect students from these threats. Schools did not teach children proper behavior on the internet.

Słowa kluczowe: hate speech, schoolchildren, education, threats, social media, aggression, verbal violence, internet

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