Real time marketing jako forma promocji na przykładzie marek IKEA oraz Żywiec

Angelika Czajkowska


Real Time Marketing as a Form of Promotion on the Example of the IKEA and Żywiec Brands

Real time marketing is a phenomenon that is increasingly used in marketing activities of companies. Brands strive to establish and maintain close relations with their target group by referring to many issues, including popular natural phenomena or pop culture. In this article, the author analyzes real time marketing activities of the IKEA and Żywiec brands on the social networking site called Facebook in the years 2014 - 2019. The aim of the study was a comparative analysis of published posts in terms of their graphic layout, shared messages as well as descriptions. The author also presented issues that were used by Żywiec and IKEA to implement real time marketing activities.

Słowa kluczowe: real time marketing, marketing, formy promocji, Żywiec, IKEA

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