Nadprodukcja talentów w formatach na przykładzie muzycznych talent show

Łukasz Flak


Overproduction of talent in formats based on the example of musical talent shows

The subject of research are activities of television stations based on the adaptation of entertainment formats. An example of musical talent shows was used here as the most transparent shows of this type. The main goal is to show: dehumanized mechanisms and their effects in the form of overproduction of talents and viewer’s opinions on this topic. The author looks for a solution that could prevent or mitigate this process (as a result of television activities within the production of formats). He finds the recipe in lean management philosophy. The key reflection of the text is the question about behind-the-scenes "life" as well as the motives and stages of such productions. The project was based on a review of literature and empirical research (quantitative and qualitative) in the form of: a survey, case study, in-depth and expert interview.

Słowa kluczowe: format telewizyjny, nadprodukacja talentów, talent, talent show, telewizja

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