Między darowaniem sobie a darem dla drugiego.  O sztuce pomagania refleksji kilka

Małgorzata Opoczyńska-Morasiewicz


If psychological help could beart, then what differentiates it from other forms that could be called the technology of helping? The answer sought here begins with the question „what can I know about you without being yourself?”. The way to answer follows the length and breadth of therapeutic experience, to finally take the form of a question: must the art of helping the other, if not apparent, remain uncertain? Just as every art, it is not confident of what it already knows, possesses and is able to. It is not satisfied with what is already known. It knows that in every word „sleep you, my un-hearing”. Does it listen because it is given?

Słowa kluczowe: psychological help, art of helping versus technology of helping, psychology of encounter, existential psychotherapy

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