Die regionale Vielfalt des Deutschen als Kulturrealität am Beispiel des Österreichischen Deutsch

Reinhold Utri


The regional varietz of German als a cultural phenomenon with examples of the Austrian German

Until recently the German language of Germany was the main language taught as a foreign language. Other varieties as e.g. the Austrian German were devaluated as regional or as a dialect. in this essay the author wants to underline that there is a tendency (as well in the European language politics as well as in the linguistic sciences) that the pluricentricity is accepted as a cultural phenomenon. But this fact should have consequences in the field of translation (studies), in the field of research of languages for specific purposes and also in teaching foreign languages.

Słowa kluczowe: Österreichisches Deutsch, Plurizentrik, Kultur, Vielfalt, Variante

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