Przyszłość przeszłości w cyfrowej rzeczywistości – refleksje o cyfrowym dziedzictwie

Michał Murzyn,

Weronika Pokojska


The future of the past in digital reality – reflections on the digital heritage.

The paper discusses the concept of digital heritage, which is becoming increasingly popular in the scientific discourse, but still leaves many questions unanswered and problems unsolved. The first part of the article constitutes an introduction based on the authors’ own deliberations and the definition proposed in the UNESCO documents. On this basis, the paper outlines the risks associated with the lack of appropriate security tools and methods. The second part of the article describes the duality of digital heritage based on specific examples. The final part – the research – shows the results of the questionnaire conducted in Polish museums.

Słowa kluczowe: dziedzictwo cyfrowe, digitalizacja, dziedzictwo, muzeum, born digital

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