Wielogłos na temat przyszłości w obszarach sprojektyzowanych. Analiza twórczości naukowej i artystycznej

Małgorzata Ćwikła


About the future of projectified areas. A closer look at scientific and artistic work

The article discusses selected examples of artistic projects and scientific papers in the field of management sciences from 2008-2018 in which the authors strived to outline the possible shape of the future. Two methodologies were used in order to show what visions of the world that is yet to come are veiled in the statements being analysed. The first one, the narrative collage, was applied at the stage of selecting the examples, while the second one, the discourse analysis, allowed to penetrate the content of the statements. At the same time, every effort was made to pinpoint the key theme of "relations" in which individuals and groups would be involved. Furthermore, the author factors in the organisational phenomena, and also the interactions within private relationships or communing with nature. The research part is complemented with a review of the literature on management and art, as well as with a comparison of the ways in which scientists and artists formulate their thoughts about the future. The focus on these two fields of activity, science and art, stems from the conviction that they are highly projectified. On the one hand, this justifies the choice of the future-related topic, because projects can be construed as tools that co-shape the future; on the other hand, it is a logical starting point for the research process combining these two perspectives.

Słowa kluczowe: przyszłość, zarządzanie projektami, wizje artystyczne, przyszłość w naukach o zarządzaniu, kolaż narracyjny

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