Dyrektor odchodzi, zespół zostaje

Dorota Fox,

Aneta Głowacka


The theatre director leaves his position, the actors, technical and administrative staff remains in their jobs

The article discusses the results of the research carried out in theatres in the Silesian Region of Poland among the technical and administrative staff. The research concerned a crisis situation of director change, often a turning point in the life of each theatre. We examined the employees’ attitudes, emotions, and opinions associated with the change. We selected teams that were lower in the theatre hierarchy than the artistic team. It turned out that, contrary to popular opinion, the change in the directorial seat has a certain impact on these employees, who are extremely aware of the processes taking place in the organization. The empowerment of theatre employees postulated in discussions about culture coincides with the results of our research. It creates an opportunity for the traditionally-managed theatres to transform themselves into so-called learning organizations.

Słowa kluczowe: współczesny polski teatr, dyrektor teatru, zarządzanie teatrem, demokratyzacja instytucji, organizacja ucząca się

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