Ateneum, mon amour – Jaracz i Cywińska na Powiślu

Marta Cebera


Ateneum, mon amour – Jaracz and Cywińska in the Theatre of Powiśle

The article focuses on the presentation of the circumstances under which Izabella Cywińska resigned as the Artistic Director of the Ateneum Theatre. The author tries to discover the roots of this

notorious failure by comparing Cywińska’s activities with those implemented by Stefan Jaracz. The comparative analysis of the two management strategies covers the managers’ previous experience, repertoire and personnel policies, and internal and external conflicts. Cywińska’s turbulent three-year tenure provides a good opportunity to take a look at the situation when new repertoire and personnel changes argue with the expectations of actors accustomed to different methods and embodying different values. The paper attempts to answer the question of why the changes described by Cywińska as evolution could have been perceived by the artists as revolution. The confrontation of the two management styles gives one a chance to look at her tenure from a broader and less obvious perspective. Moreover, it shows that the intention of carrying out Jaracz’s last will and testament was doomed to fail.

Słowa kluczowe: zarządzanie teatrem, Teatr Ateneum, dyrektor teatru, aktor warszawski, strategia repertuarowa

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