Języki kontrolowane jako narzędzie informatyczne wykorzystywane w służbie ratowania dziedzictwa kulturowego wymierających języków

Zbigniew Handzel,

Mirosław Gajer


Controlled languages as a computer tool used for saving the cultural heritage of endangered languages

At present, still over 7000 languages are in use all over the world, however, this number is systematically declining from year to year. With the death of languages, an important part of human heritage is being lost. For this reason, saving endangered languages from a complete oblivion is a an urgent task that linguists try to cope with. The attempts undertaken so far have mainly concentrated on a passive recording of lexical resources of endangered languages, which, however, fails to be a successful method of keeping such languages alive. The authors of the article have proposed an innovative approach based on the application of an IT related concept of a controlled language, which allows for recording not only vocabulary of an endangered language, but its syntactic structures as well. The controlled languages along with electronic tools in form of syntactic structures generators and e-translators that the authors work on will equip future learners of endangered languages with a helpful and innovative instrument to enhance the learning process.

Słowa kluczowe: endangered languages, saving languages, machine translation, computational linguistics, controlled languages

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