Pomiędzy przeszłością a współczesnością. Dziedzictwo kulturowe kościoła w Orawce

Maria Borczuch


Between the past and the present. The cultural heritage of the church in Orawka

Cultural heritage, whether tangible or intangible, occupies a superior position in every social group. This legacy is not only comprised of physical and spiritual artefacts but also attitudes towards them or the ability to live through artefact-related experiences. The broad spectrum of phenomena covered by the term ‘heritage’ makes it examinable through many aspects – historical, social, or psychological. Tracking the continuity of individual phenomena makes it possible to build a narrative that constitutes a tale about people and their history. What is a particularly intriguing area for this type of research is the borderland, usually marked by ethnic diversity and complex political history.

The upper part of Polish Orawa is one of the least studied regions. The wooden church in Orawka, founded in the second half of the 17th century, is the oldest preserved manifestation of the cultural heritage there. Owing to this building, along with its impressive painting decoration and fittings, it is possible to paint the picture of the community which has been gathered around it for almost four centuries. The paper aims not only to introduce the value of this unique temple but also to answer the questions about the factors which influenced the shape of the region’s heritage and how this heritage is nurtured today.

Słowa kluczowe: cultural heritage, regionalism, multiculturalism, heritage resources, church in Orawka (Poland), internal polychrome, biblia pauperum

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