Integracja europejska w kulturze w perspektywie historycznej: lata siedemdziesiąte XX wieku

Bożena Gierat-Bieroń


European cultural integration in historical perspective: seventies of 20 century

The aim of this paper is to illustrate the European Community decision making processes regarding culture and cultural policy in the Seventies, as well as their evolution over the years. The discussion is based on the analysis of EC documents and political declarations, which created the foundation for the ‘European Identity’ phenomenon. The Identity proved to be a crucial factor in all of following cultural policy initiatives and undertakings. It also played a role in definition of ‘cultural belonging’ and ‘European common values’. The political summits, meetings, and discussions organised within EC affected documents and statements of the European Council and the European Commission, which in turn generated multilevel, processual and democracy-based ‘European identity’. Since that initial period, it morphed into far more complex, transcultural, and heterogenic form.

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