The consumption of non-alcoholic beverages and the occurrence of dental erosion among a group of adults visiting dental practices in Krakow

Beata Piórecka,

Patrycja Sobczak,

Bożena Muszyńska,

Paweł Jagielski,

Małgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka


The aim of the study was to assess correlations between the consumption of selected non-alcoholic beverages and the prevalence of tooth erosion among adults visiting dental practices in Krakow. Dental erosion in group 124 people aged 18-55 was assessed using BEWE, while oral dryness with a mirror test. FFQ was used to assess fluid intake, supplemented with questions regarding oral hygiene and socio-demographic factors.Dental erosion, mostly mild, was found in 38.7% of participants. Dry mouth (second and third degree in a mirror test)concerned 16.1% of subjects. Dental erosion was significantly more common (p=0.01) among participants with dry mouth. More frequent consumption of sweetened beverages as well as 100% juices (fruit, vegetable) correlated with dental erosion. Overall consumption of such beverages and also milk, as well as daily fluid intake was significantly higher among subjects with dental erosion.

Incorrect behaviors regarding the quality and quantity of drinks may contribute to tooth erosion among adults.

Słowa kluczowe: erozja zębów, spożycie napojów bezalkoholowych, pobranie płynów, osoby dorosłe, dental erosion, consumption of non-alcoholic beverages, total fluid intake, adults

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