Czym Nasz Dziennik straszy czytelników

Jacek Lindner


What does “Nasz Dziennik” do to scare its readers?
Since the publication of "Świat nieprzedstawiony” by J. A. Kornhauser and A. Zagajewski in 1974, its name started to be considered in the Polish language as a synonym of manipulation of news, messages in order to achieve the goal assumptioned by the sender. This method was mastered to perfection by the Catholic newspaper “Nasz Dziennik”, which is a part of the Polish Conglomerate of Redemptorists.
Journalists often use the element of fear. It happens that only in one edition there are articles with titles such as “There was no money or good will”, "Ossolineum on the brink of bankruptcy”, "Gas – unsolved problem still”, "People’s veto to Minister Hall”, "Too much coal formation”, “Rostowski will explain himself”, “Restore the right balance”, “School is not a square for elections”, “Mines and plants at the stalemate”, “We won’t give the schools back”, “Someone neglected his duties”, “Researches on human embryos don’t make any sense” or “Pyongyang ignored the ban”.
The main topics which are presented as attacks or misfortunes are: attacks of the civil authorities on the Church, the loss of Polish culture, Christianity, the decline of democracy in Poland, Polish enemies grow stronger and obviously Smolensk Distaster.
It is difficult to determine how great impact on readers was caused by years of frightening them. Additionally, “Nasz Dziennik” has never published its editions as well as never signed any suitable commitments, which makes it hard to honestly examine the issue of scaring readers. Therefore, the only way to investigate the effectiveness of this medium is to observe how politicians strive for its support.

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