Czasopiśmiennictwo Rzeczypospolitej Krakowskiej (1815–1846)

Sylwester Dziki


Although Kraków is regarded as the cradle of Polish press (Merkuriusz Polski dzieje wszystkiego świata w sobie zamykający dla informacyjej pospolitej was the first printed and systematically published newspaper, from January 3rd to May 5th, 1661), its role in the history of Polish journalism had been very small until the beginning of the 19th century. Before the establishment of the Free City of Kraków (or the Republic of Kraków) in June 1815, several periodicals – most of them short-lived – were published by printers or book dealers.
The role of professors of the Academy was important here. The publishing activity was inaugurated by Feliks Radwański (1756–1826), an alumnus of the Academy which he was associated with for many years. In order to promote his ideas, Radwański published, in 1806–1807, at his own expense, Dziennik Gospodarski Krakowski. It was the first paper of its kind in the history of the Polish periodical press. The author wrote about the application of plaster in bricklaying, about the cultivation of potatoes (until then unknown in our country), about new agricultural tools, farming, and the necessity of establishing agricultural schools. These pro posals were premature, too modern to fi nd followers willing to utilize them in middle-sized farms. This was the reason why Radwański discontinued this interesting publication.
Jerzy Samuel Bandtkie, who published Kraków’s fi rst historical journal, Miscellanea Cracoviensia in 1814–1815, is, however, considered to be the pioneer of periodical press in Kraków. He also published Rozmaitości Naukowe in 1828–1829 and 1831. Antoni Z. Helcel published Kwartalnik Naukowy (1835–1836), regarded by scholars as the best periodical specializing in the humanities. Rocznik Towarzystwa Naukowego z Uniwersytetem Krakowskim Połączonego (1817–1872) is worth mentioning among academic journals.

Słowa kluczowe: history of press, periodical press of Kraków, Polish press

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