Medialność młodomowy

Anna Wileczek


Mediality of Youthspeak
The article concerns the problems in the functioning of youth sociolect in the cultural space. This expressive and playful linguistic register has gained popularity not only as a ‘speech of youth’, but also as a specific ‘code’ used to express a postmodern lifestyle, associated with the cult of youth, fun, dynamics, openness to different cultural practices. As such, it operates along the lines of “acceptative modes of expression” both in media discourse (eg. press, advertising, political, celebrity) and in artistic and paraartistic texts (eg. literary works, song lyrics, film forms, skits). In this context, an important question appears – whether youth speak and youth sociolect are still the same phenomenon?

Słowa kluczowe: Youthspeak, intertextuality, media communication

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