Polski rynek komiksowy w latach 1989–2010

Mateusz Zapała


The polish comic book market between years 1989 and 2010
The article discusses the comic book market in Poland in 1989–2010. The author tried to determine both its size and progress dynamics. The key elements of the paper are Polish comic publishers, e.g. Egmont Polska (Egmont Poland), Kultura Gniewu (Wrath’s Culture), Mandragora, Japonica Polonica Fantastica, and their most important titles. The article includes almost all forms of comic book publishing, such as European, American and Asian comic albums and books, comic magazines, children magazines, in which cartoons and funnies prevail. The paper do not analyze comic strips published in newspapers. The article is supported by numerical data. The study contains also author’s own defi nition of the comic book market.

Słowa kluczowe: comics, manga, magazines for children and youth, publishing market

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