Karol Samsel, PhD (born in 1986), is a historian of literature, a poet, and an adjunct professor at the Institute of Polish Literature at the University of Warsaw. Samsel coedited the following volumes of essays dedicated to Norwid, Fredro, and the student-poets of the underground University of Warsaw: Written by Hieroglyph. Cyprian Norwid. [Hieroglifem zapisane. Cyprian Norwid (Warszawa 2012)]; The Universality of Comedy. Aleksander Fredro in Two Hundredth Anniversary of His Death [Uniwersalność komizmu. Aleksander Fredro w dwieście dwudziestą rocznicę urodzin (Warszawa 2015)]; Poet-students of the Underground Warsaw University and Romanticism (in the making) [Poeci-studenci podziemnego Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego wobec romantyzmu (2018)]. He has also published articles in “Philological Works” [Prace Filologiczne], “Norwid Studies” [Studia Norwidiana], and “Yearbook of Conrad Studies (Poland).” He is a member of the Polish Joseph Conrad Society and a researcher of Wanda Karczewska’s life and works and has published the following books: Norwid-Conrad. The Epic in the Modernist Perspective [Norwid – Conrad. Epika w perspektywie modernizmu (Warszawa 2015)] and Invalid of Intentions. Studies on Norwid [Inwalida intencji. Studia o Norwidzie (Warszawa 2018)].


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