The Systematic Studies on the Hypotrich Ciliate, Tachysoma pellionellum (Müller, 1773) Borror, 1972 (Protozoa, Ciliophora) Based on Integrative Approaches: Morphology, Morphogenesis and Molecular Phylogenetic Analyses

Acta Protozoologica, 2017, Volume 56, Issue 4, s. 221-233
Data publikacji online: 14 grudnia 2017
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.17.020.7822

Apogastrostyla rigescens (Kahl, 1932) gen. nov., comb. nov. (Ciliophora, Hypotricha): Morphology, Notes on Cell Division, SSU rRNA Gene Sequence Data, and Neotypification

, s. 195–212
Data publikacji online: 2010

Morphology and Phylogeny of Four Marine Scuticociliates (Protista, Ciliophora), with Descriptions of Two New Species: Pleuronema elegans spec. nov. and Uronema orientalis spec. nov.

Acta Protozoologica, 2015, Volume 54, Issue 1, s. 31-43
Data publikacji online: 31 października 2014
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.15.003.2190

Morphology and SSU rRNA Gene Sequences of Three Marine Ciliates from Yellow Sea, China, Including One New Species, Uronema heteromarinum nov. spec. (Ciliophora, Scuticociliatida)

Acta Protozoologica, 2010, Volume 49, Issue 1 , s. 45-59
Data publikacji online: 2010