Constraints on Phylogenetic Interrelationships among Four Free-living Litostomatean Lineages Inferred from 18S rRNA gene-ITS Region sequences and Secondary Structure of the ITS2 molecule

Acta Protozoologica, 2017, Volume 56, Issue 4, s. 255-281
Data publikacji online: 14 grudnia 2017
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.17.023.7825

Reconstruction of Evolutionary History of Pleurostomatid Ciliates (Ciliophora, Litostomatea, Haptoria): Interplay of Morphology and Molecules

Acta Protozoologica, 2015, Volume 54, Issue 1, s. 9-29
Data publikacji online: 31 października 2014
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.15.002.2189

Morpho-molecular characterization of the litostomatean predatory ciliate Phialina pupula (Müller, 1773) Foissner, 1983 (Haptoria, Lacrymariidae)

Acta Protozoologica, Volume 58, s. 53–68
Data publikacji online: 25 lipca 2019
DOI 10.4467/16890027AP.19.004.10835