Electrothermal analysis of start-up process in the squirrel cage induction motor using FEM

Czasopismo Techniczne, 2016, Elektrotechnika Zeszyt 2-E 2016, s. 151-160
Data publikacji online: 28 grudnia 2016
DOI 10.4467/2353737XCT.16.254.6053

Compared analysis of lspm sm and squirrel-cage motor exploitation with variable rotational speed

Czasopismo Techniczne, 2015, Elektrotechnika Zeszyt 1-E (8) 2015, s. 203-208
Data publikacji online: 16 grudnia 2015
DOI In this paper, the steady-states operation of a line start permanent magnet synchronous motor (LSPMSM) and a squirrel-cage motor have been compared. The stator of a Sg 100L-4B type, 3 kW induction motor, was used in both structures. The squirrel cage in t