Crépuscule de l’Empire parthe – Les dernières drachmes

Alain Chenevier


The silver drachms issued for the two competing Arsacid brothers Vologases VI and Artabanus V may be conveniently divided into two distinct groups. However, the ensuing political instability from the rivalry between the two sons of Vologases V was not without numismatic consequence. It has, in fact, left its marks on some very rare and important outputs from the turbulent period c. AD 208–224 of Parthian history. We have several « mule » or « hybrid » drachms that are struck from different obverse and reverse dies, each belonging to one of the two brother kings. These testify to the political confusion that persisted up until the fall of the Arsacid dynasty.

Słowa kluczowe: Vologases VI, Artabanus V, Arsacids, Parthian numismatics, Parthian history.

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