The importance of human capital in contemporary small and medium-sized companies in the opinion of managers: Pilot research in Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Poland

Agnieszka Rzepka,

Bogusław Ślusarczyk


In world economy, which develops dynamically the meaning of human capital which has a significant influence on building competitive advantages in contemporary enterprises of all countries becomes more and more important. The intention of the authors of this article was to specify the role of human capital in obtaining competitive advantages by small and medium-sized companies of the Podkarpackie region in Poland in the opinion of managers.

To achieve this objective, a survey was conducted among 300 enterprises from the trade, service, construction and production industries. The managers of these enterprises, emphasized in answers they provided, that building a permanent competitive advantage is definitely dependent on the quality of human resources and their use during the course of business activity regardless of its nature.

Słowa kluczowe: human capital, relationships, competitive advantage, SME, podkarpackie voivodeship

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