When Art Meets Criminal Law – Examining the Evidence

Uwe Scheffler, Dela-Madeleine Halecker, Robert Franke, Lisa Weyhrich


When art and criminal law cross paths life has some fascinating stories to tell which may well extend beyond national borders. Such stories are closely linked with a multitude of diverse legal issues which can frequently be reduced to two aspects, both of which require clarification: First, what is art? And, second, is everything permitted in art? This paper explores both questions by considering several case studies by way of illustration. Possible solutions are presented and carefully examined. The paper also provides an interesting glimpse of the “Art and Criminal Law” exhibition developed by the team of the Chair of Criminal Law, Law of Criminal Procedure and Criminology under Professor Uwe Scheffler at the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder). The exhibition is currently on tour in Germany and Poland where it is being shown at a number of universities.

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the concept of art, artistic freedom, art exhibition, criminal law, borders, balancing of interests

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